About Us

We are a society at the University of Warwick and our aim is to support our members in creating games. Each year we introduce many new members to the exciting and creative world of game development. Some just come along to learn a specific skill, others have game ideas and some want to seek a career in the industry. Check our Contact page to find more ways to talk to us!

Learn the Skills

From your first idea to your first 48 hour competition, we'll help you learn all the key skills through regular presentations on a broad array of topics, from art to getting exposure, given by both society members and guest speakers. Weekly workshops will give you time to practice in an environment where getting help is as simple as thinking your problems out loud.

An Exciting Industry

A career in the games industry can be exciting and stimulating. You are surrounded by very talented creative people and it stretches your abilities to the max. We have connections with several local game developers who give talks, demonstrations and career advice to our members. Past experience has shown that being an active member of our society does help get you into the industry.

Create your World

Every year we try to form small project teams to work on particular games. Get involved and join a team, it's a great way to learn and at the same time have fun. There are also several competitions throughout the year where we work in teams to create a game in 48 hours, but if you're not competitive it's really great fun just to take part!


You can join the society via the Warwick Students Union page here. Joining the society will automatically create an account on this website within 24 hours, and subscribe you to our mailing list.

Alternatively, you can join the mailing list via the News section with or without a manually created account.